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TIRECRAFT PRIORITY package - Seasonal Changeover and Storage(ON Rims) - $150 (Save $105)

1. One hour Priority changeover Appointment (With early booking) ($20 value)

2. Seasonal tire "Change Over" (Tires already on Rims) ($50 value)

3. All wheels are balanced before re-installed ($15 value)

4. Onsite, Secure, Seasonal tire storage ($100 value)

5. Complete Digital 360 vehicle Inspection ($50 value)



TIRECRAFT PRIORITY package - Seasonal changeover & storage (OFF Rims) - starting at $200


1. One hour priority changeover Appointment (With early booking) ($20 value)

2. Onsite, secure, seasonal tire storage ($100 value)

3. Complete Digital 360 vehicle Inspection ($50 value)

4. Seasonal tire "Change Over" (Tires Off Rims)


18" AND UNDER $200





Seasonal Tire "Changeover" (No Priority Appointment)


Seasonal Tire "Changeover" (Tires already on Rims) - $50

We take your old wheels off and put your other ones on Reset tire pressures.



Seasonal Tire "Changeover" & Balance (Tires already on Rims) - $70

We take your old wheels off, and we spin your other set of wheels on our high-speed laser balancer, install, and set tire pressures to vehicle specs. This ensures zero vibrations at highway speed. 



Seasonal Tire "Changeover" (Off-Rims) - Mount, Balance, and Install - see below

We dismount your tires from their rims and mount your new tires on the wheels. We also balance all four wheels before we re-install on your vehicle. Set tire Pressure to vehicle specs. 


18" and under - $105

19" and up / over-sized specially mounted - $150

Run-Flat  $200


Off Season Tire Storage - $100

We will store your Off-season in our onsite, climate-controlled, storage facility. 



*Tires are positioned on the car with the best tread depth on the rear axle.

*TPMS Reset. 

In cases where we have to reprogram TPMS Sensors with our TPMS reset equipment, a fee will apply.

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