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Update: November 2017 - Our busy season has arrived, so here is how we can help:
Full Mechanical Customers (VIP CLIENTS)
Winter Tire Storage Customers (Priority)
Need a full winter checkup on your car to get ready for winter? We will help. Plan to leave your car for the day, we can give you a ride or a free loaner car. We can do an oil change, full 360 mechanical inspection, and tire changeover. You are our Top Clients. Call to get a VIP appointment 905-279-9292
Looking for a quick tire changeover? 
Buying New Tires?
Have your Tires Stored with us. Fantastic, we want to give you a 90 minute changeover/storage appointment. Give us a call at 905-279-9292 to book the next available time
Give us a call for a quote and book a 60 minute installation appointment. Tires & Wheels, we have all the latest makes and models. Call 905-279-9292 to talk with our Team.
I'm sorry, but at this point in the season we can't accommodate just a tire changeover. If you want to become a Priority Tire Storage Customer, we can give you a priority appointment or if you are looking for a full winter ready checkup, we are happy to help! Sorry for the inconvenience.  
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